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Dogecoin - cryptocurrency based on litecoin . Named in honor of the internet meme Doge is . It was presented December 8, 2013. Unlike other cryptocurrency Dogecoin is fast enough during the original of mining . At the end of 2014 turnover was 98 billion coins. Prospects for further Dogecoin of mining are subject to change.

Dogecoin was created by a programmer from Portland Billy Marcus. He wanted to create cryptocurrency, which would be closer to the larger demographic group, as well as to distance themselves from the history of Bitcoin , in particular related to the sale of drugs. Dogecoin was based on existing cryptocurrency Luckycoin, which in turn was based on litecoin , which is based on Bitcoin. As Luckycoin, the size of the award for each block in Dogecoin established randomly. In March 2014 this situation has changed and the size of awards has become fixed. Originally conceived that the issue size will be 100 billion, but later it was announced that production will dogecoin'ov unlimited [1] . Community Dogecoin repeatedly supported the fundraiser for charity [2] . In January 2014 the community took part in the collection of 50 thousand dollars Team Jamaica bobsled to participate in the 2014 Winter Olympics , which was qualified, but did not have the means to compete [3] [4] . March 25, 2014 the community also collected about 67.8 million dogecoin (about 55 thousand dollars at the time) to finance the driver Josh Wise ( the NASCAR the Sprint Cup the Series 2012 ). The following competitions he will play in the car with the symbols dogecoin